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Pastor Marv Wiseman is the presenter.
The Ultimate Issue
    It is called “THE ULTIMATE ISSUE” simply because it is.

    Absolutely everything hinges upon God’s existence. Atheism’s reasons for denying it are answered. Theism’s most compelling answer for God’s existence comes from the only precise science: Mathematics. The article concludes with the logical decision to be made in view of the facts and is completely removed from the need for faith.
  The Ultimate Issue    
1 Introduction Track1.mp3
2 The Six Whys of Atheism Track2.mp3
3 Six Answers from Theism Track3.mp3
4 Anthropic constants Track4.mp3
5 Unconvinced Atheists Track5.mp3
6 The Jesus Factor Track6.mp3
7 Conclucing Comments and Prayer Track7.mp3
  Full Ultimate Issue CD Full CD.mp3
  Full Ultimate Issue CD - Individual .mp3 files -- Download and Expand to UltimateIssue Folder

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