Audio Messages

    On this page, we bring you audio messages which have been compiled from weekly services. The audio files are in both .wma and .mp3 file formats. By providing these formats, everyone should be able to listen to the inspirational messages. If, for some reason, you have a problem with any of the audio files, please contact the Webmaster.

Unless otherwise noted, Pastor Marv Wiseman is the presenter.
Prophecy and Mystery Contrasted
    In this series, Prophecy and Mystery will be contrasted.  In the Sunday School hour, we will address Prophecy.  In the Church hour, we will address Mystery.  Each session will be numbered and have a date as there will be times when one message refers to another message.
    The Prophecy messages will be listed under the Prophecy heading.  The Mystery messages will be listed under the Mystery heading.
2020_Jul_5 Prophecy and Mystery Contrasted - Prophecy10 Prophecy10.mp3
2020_Mar_08 Prophecy9 Prophecy9.wma Prophecy9.mp3
2020_Mar_01 Prophecy8 Prophecy8.wma Prophecy8.mp3
2020_Feb_23 Prophecy7 Prophecy7.wma Prophecy7.mp3
2020_Feb_16 Prophecy6 Prophecy6.wma Prophecy6.mp3
2020_Feb_09 Prophecy5 Prophecy5.wma Prophecy5.mp3
2020_Feb_02 Prophecy4 Prophecy4.wma Prophecy4.mp3
2020_Jan_26 Prophecy3 Prophecy3.wma Prophecy3.mp3
2020_Jan_19 Prophecy2 Prophecy2.wma Prophecy2.mp3
2020_Jan_12 Prophecy1 Prophecy1.wma Prophecy1.mp3
2020_Jul_5 Prophecy and Mystery Contrasted - Mystery 8 Mystery08.mp3
2020_Mar_08 Mystery7 Mystery7.wma Mystery7.mp3
2020_Mar_01 Mystery6 Mystery6.wma Mystery6.mp3
2020_Feb_16 Mystery5 Mystery5.wma Mystery5.mp3
2020_Feb_09 Mystery4 Mystery4.wma Mystery4.mp3
2020_Feb_02 Mystery3 Mystery3.wma Mystery3.mp3
2020_Jan_26 Mystery2 Mystery2.wma Mystery2.mp3
2020_Jan_12 Mystery1 Mystery1.wma Mystery1.mp3

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