Audio Messages

    On this page, we bring you audio messages which have been compiled from weekly services. The audio files are in both .wma and .mp3 file formats. By providing these formats, everyone should be able to listen to the inspirational messages. If, for some reason, you have a problem with any of the audio files, please contact the Webmaster.

Unless otherwise noted, Pastor Marv Wiseman is the presenter.
Peter and Paul
    This series outlines the differences between Peter and Paul's Ministries.
2012_Apr_29 There is No Distinction between Jew and Gentile NoDistinctionJewGentile.wma NoDistinctionJewGentile.mp3
2012_Apr_22 The Gospel is for both Jew and Gentile GospelForJewandGentile.wma GospelForJewandGentile.mp3
2012_Apr_15 Paul - Critical Questions of ChronologyIII PaulChronologyQuestionsIII.wma PaulChronologyQuestionsIII.mp3
2012_Mar_25 Pentecost - What did Peter really preach? PeterPentecost.wma PeterPentecost.mp3
2012_Mar_11 Paul - Critical Questions of ChronologyII PaulChronologyQuestionsII.wma PaulChronologyQuestionsII.mp3
2012_Mar_04 Paul - Critical Questions of Chronology PaulChronologyQuestions.wma PaulChronologyQuestions.mp3
2012_Feb_26 Paul The Pattern - Paul's Unique Apostleship PaulThePattern.wma PaulThePattern.mp3
2012_Feb_19 Peter & Paul's Respective Gospels PeterandPaulGospels.wma PeterandPaulGospels.mp3
2012_Feb_12 Love in Paul's Gospel of Grace PaulGospelOfLove.wma PaulGospelOfLove.mp3
2012_Feb_5 Paul and His Gospel II PaulsGospel_II.wma PaulsGospel_II.mp3
2012_Jan_29 Paul and His Gospel PaulsGospel.wma PaulsGospel.mp3
2012_Jan_22 Paul the New II PaulTheNewII.wma PaulTheNewII.mp3
2012_Jan_15 Paul the New PaulTheNew.wma PaulTheNew.mp3
2012_Jan_08 Saul the Old PaulTheOld.wma PaulTheOld.mp3
2012_Jan_01 The Background of All that Matters BackgroundMatters.wma BackgroundMatters.mp3

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