Audio Messages

    On this page, we bring you audio messages which have been compiled from weekly services. The audio files are in both .wma and .mp3 file formats. By providing these formats, everyone should be able to listen to the inspirational messages. If, for some reason, you have a problem with any of the audio files, please contact the Webmaster.

Unless otherwise noted, Pastor Marv Wiseman is the presenter.
Monthly Bible Study
    These lessons are taught at the regular monthly brunch at a local Restaurant from 10 to 11 AM.      Reservations are not required and the public is welcome.
2022_10_27 Monthly Study - The Kingdom Has Not Come 20221027_Monthly.mp3
2022_09_29 Monthly Study - Two Gospels and Confusion 20220929_Monthly.mp3
2022_08_25 Monthly Study - The Beginning Before Genesis One 20220825_Monthly.mp3
2022_06_30 Monthly Study - Church and Kingdom 20220630_Monthly.mp3
2022_02_24 Monthly Study - The Cosmic Conflict Begins 20220224_Monthly.mp3
2021_10_28 Monthly Study - Birth Pangs of the Tribulation - Dr. Arnold Fructenbaum 20211028_Monthly.mp3
2021_08_26 Monthly Study - Islamic Terrorism 20210826_Monthly.mp3
2021_06_24 Monthly Study - Theology of Nakedness 20210729_Monthly.mp3
2021_06_24 Monthly Study - Tribulation & Millennium 20210624_Monthly.mp3
2021_05_27 Monthly Study - Rapture Issues Explored, Part 1 20210527_Monthly.mp3
2021_04_29 Monthly Study 20210429_Monthly.mp3
2021_03_25 Monthly Study 20210325_Monthly.mp3
2020_09_24 Monthly Study - Starting from the Ending 20200924Monthly.mp3
2019_06_25 Monthly Study 20190625Monthly.wma 20190625Monthly.mp3
2019_05_28 Monthly Study 20190528Monthly.wma 20190528Monthly.mp3
2019_04_30 Monthly Study 20190430Monthly.wma 20190430Monthly.mp3
2018_09_25 Monthly Study 20180925Monthly.wma 20180925Monthly.mp3
2018_05_29 Monthly Study - Participants in the First Resurrection 20180529Monthly.wma 20180529Monthly.mp3
2018_04_24 Monthly Study - The Kingdom is the Big Picture KingdomIsBigPicture.wma KingdomIsBigPicture.mp3
2018_03_27 Monthly Study - King David Resurrected and Ruling KingDavid.wma KingDavid.mp3
2018_02_27 Monthly Study 20180227.wma 20180227.mp3
2017_12_26 Monthly Study 20171226.wma 20171226.mp3
2017_10_31 October Message - Catholics and Protestants 20171031.wma 20171031.mp3
  End Time Prophecies    
2017_09_26 September Message 20170926.wma 20170926.mp3
2017_07_25 Prophecies Regarding The End Times - God, Man an Spirit 20170725.wma 20170725.mp3
2016_11_29 Prophecies Regarding The End Times EndTimeProphecies20161129.wma EndTimeProphecies20161129.mp3
2016_08_30 Prophecies Regarding The End Times EndTimeProphecies20160830.wma EndTimeProphecies20160830.mp3
2015_12_22 Prophecies Regarding The End Times EndTimePropheciesII.wma EndTimePropheciesII.mp3
2015_09_01 Prophecies Regarding The End Times EndTimeProphecies.wma EndTimeProphecies.mp3
2015_04_07 Joel Joel.wma Joel.mp3
  The Minor Prophets    
2015_01_13 The Minor Prophets Hosea #5 MinorProphets5.wma MinorProphets5.mp3
2014_12_02 The Minor Prophets Hosea #4 MinorProphets4.wma MinorProphets4.mp3
2014_11_11 The Minor Prophets Hosea #3 MinorProphets3.wma MinorProphets3.mp3
2014_10_07 The Minor Prophets Hosea #2 MinorProphets2.wma MinorProphets2.mp3
2014_08_12 The Minor Prophets Hosea #1 MinorProphets.wma MinorProphets.mp3
  Study of Colossians    
2014_03_11 Colossians - Mar 2014 Class ColossiansMar2014Class.wma ColossiansMar2014Class.mp3
2014_02_11 Colossians -Feb 2014 Class ColossiansFeb2014Class.wma ColossiansFeb2014Class.mp3
2014_01_14 Colossians -Jan 2014 Class ColossiansJan2014Class.wma ColossiansJan2014Class.mp3
2013_09_10 Colossians -September Class ColossiansSeptClass.wma ColossiansSeptClass.mp3
2013_08_13 Colossians -August Class ColossiansAugClass.wma ColossiansAugClass.mp3
2013_07_09 Colossians -July Class ColossiansJulClass.wma ColossiansJulClass.mp3
2013_06_18 Colossians -June Class ColossiansJunClass.wma ColossiansJunClass.mp3
2013_03_12 Colossians -March Class ColossiansMarClass.wma ColossiansMarClass.mp3
2013_02_12 Colossians -February Class ColossiansFebClass.wma ColossiansFebClass.mp3
2013_01_08 Colossians -Janaury Class ColossiansJanClass.wma ColossiansJanClass.mp3
  Study of Philippians    
2012_12_14 Philippians - December Class PhilippiansDecClass.wma PhilippiansDecClass.mp3
2012_11_09 Philippians - November Class PhilippiansNovClass.wma PhilippiansNovClass.mp3
2012_10_12 Philippians - October Class PhilippiansOctClass.wma PhilippiansOctClass.mp3
2012_08_10 Philippians - September Class PhilippiansSeptClass.wma PhilippiansSeptClass.mp3
2012_08_10 Philippians - August Class PhilippiansAugustClass.wma PhilippiansAugustClass.mp3
2012_07_13 Philippians - July Class PhilippiansJulyClass.wma PhilippiansJulyClass.mp3
2012_06_08 Philippians - June Class PhilippiansJuneClass.wma PhilippiansJuneClass.mp3
2012_05_11 Philippians - May Class PhilippiansMayClass.wma PhilippiansMayClass.mp3
2012_03_09 Introduction to Philippians Philippians_Introduction.wma Philippians_Introduction.mp3
  Study of Revelation    
2012_02_10 Revelation - Chapter Twenty-Two Revelation22.wma Revelation22.mp3
2012_01_13 Revelation - Chapter Twenty-One Revelation21.wma Revelation21.mp3
2011_12_09 Revelation - Chapter Twenty Revelation20.wma Revelation20.mp3
2011_11_11 Revelation - Chapter Nineteen Revelation19.wma Revelation19.mp3
2011_10_16 Revelation - Chapter Eighteen Revelation18.wma Revelation18.mp3
2011_09_09 Revelation - Chapter Seventeen Revelation17.wma Revelation17.mp3
2011_06_07 Revelation - Chapter Fifteen Revelation15.wma Revelation15.mp3
2011_05_07 Revelation - Chapter Fourteen Revelation14.wma Revelation14.mp3
2011_04_03 Revelation - Chapter Thirteen Revelation13.wma Revelation13.mp3
2011_01_04 Revelation - Chapter Twelve Revelation12.wma Revelation12.mp3
2010_12_07 Revelation - Chapter Eleven Revelation11.wma Revelation11.mp3
2010_11_02 Revelation - Chapter Nine and Ten Revelation_9_10.wma Revelation_9_10.mp3
2010_09_07 Revelation - Chapter Nine Start Revelation_9.wma Revelation_9.mp3
2010_08_03 Revelation - Chapter Eight Revelation_8.wma Revelation_8.mp3
2010_07_06 Revelation - Chapter Six and Seven Revelation_6_7.wma Revelation_6_7.mp3
2010_06_01 Revelation - Chapter One to Six Overview RevelationOneToSix.wma RevelationOneToSix.mp3
2010_04_06 Revelation - Chapter Six RevelationsCh6.wma RevelationsCh6.mp3
2009_11_03 Revelation - Chapter Four RevelationsCh4.wma RevelationsCh4.mp3
2009_09_01  Revelation - Chapter One RevelationsCh1.wma RevelationsCh1.mp3
2009_08_03 Revelation - an introduction  RevelationsIntro.wma RevelationsIntro.mp3
Intro III Intro to Prophecy III ProphecyIII.wma ProphecyIII.mp3
Intro II Intro to Prophecy II ProphecyII.wma ProphecyII.mp3
Intro I Intro to Prophecy I ProphecyI.wma ProphecyI.mp3
2009_04_07     The RAPTURE or the TRANSLATION OF THE CHURCH, the purpose of it, the consequences of it and whether it will be pre, mid or post tribulational. AprilStudy.wma AprilStudy.mp3
2009_03_03     This lesson outlines the necessity for a literal approach to the interpretation of prophecy and the predictable perils of not doing so whenever one opts for a non-literal approach. MarchStudy.wma MarchStudy.mp3
2009_02_03     This lesson contains an examination of the different approaches to the interpretation of prophecy, including the rules for the interpretation of the Bible in general and prophecy in particular. FebruaryStudy.wma FebruaryStudy.mp3
2009_01_06     This lesson is a general introduction to the subject of Bible Prophecy, the basis and rationale for it along with key features. JanuaryStudy.wma JanuaryStudy.mp3

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