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    On this page, we bring you audio messages which have been compiled from weekly services. The audio files are in both .wma and .mp3 file formats. By providing these formats, everyone should be able to listen to the inspirational messages. If, for some reason, you have a problem with any of the audio files, please contact the Webmaster.

Unless otherwise noted, Pastor Marv Wiseman is the presenter.
Christianity Clarified
    CHRISTIANITY CLARIFIED is critical, biblical theology communicated in painless three-minute snatches. Each compact disc contains twenty audio scripts previously delivered on radio by Pastor Marv Wiseman. They address the major doctrines of the Christian Faith in an understandable, easy to grasp manner. Although CHRISTIANITY CLARIFIED is copyrighted, the content may be downloaded and distributed at will without cost provided the material is not altered or sold commercially. Our objective is to get CHRISTIANITY CLARIFIED distributed to as many people as possible in the shortest time possible. Should you deem them helpful and wish to aid in distributing them, it would be greatly appreciated.
  Disk Thirteen    
1 Introducing the word "GOSPEL," Part 1 Track1.wma Track1.mp3
2 Introducing the word "GOSPEL," Part 2 Track2.wma Track2.mp3
3 The Gospel is Clearly Defined Track3.wma Track3.mp3
4 The Gospel is the Power of God Track4.wma Track4.mp3
5 The Gospel is Good News Track5.wma Track5.mp3
6 The Gospel Calls for Proclamation Track6.wma Track6.mp3
7 Why Proclamation is a Problem Track7.wma Track7.mp3
8 The Utter Uniqueness of the Gospel Track8.wma Track8.mp3
9 Believing the Gospel Provides Forgiveness Track9.wma Track9.mp3
10 Believing the Gospel Removes Guilt Track10.wma Track10.mp3
11 Believing the Gospel Provides Peace Track11.wma Track11.mp3
12 Believing the Gospel Produces Hope Track12.wma Track12.mp3
13 Believing the Gospel Brings Salvation Track13.wma Track13.mp3
14 Believing the Gospel Regenerates Track14.wma Track14.mp3
15 The Gospel Justifies Believers Track15.wma Track15.mp3
16 The Gospel Brings Sanctification Track16.wma Track16.mp3
17 The Gospel Provides for Our Adoption Track17.wma Track17.mp3
18 The Gospel Guarantees Glorification Track18.wma Track18.mp3
19 The Gospel Produces a Fellowship of Saints Track19.wma Track19.mp3
20 The Gospel provides a New Light Track20.wma Track20.mp3
21 A Preview of CD#14 Track21.wma Track21.mp3
  Disk Fourteen    
1 Introduction to Grace, Part 1 Track1.wma Track1.mp3
2 Introduction to Grace, Part 2 Track2.wma Track2.mp3
3 Introduction to Grace, Part 3 Track3.wma Track3.mp3
4 The God of All Grace Track4.wma Track4.mp3
5 The Throne of Grace Track5.wma Track5.mp3
6 Grace and Truth Came by Jesus Christ Track6.wma Track6.mp3
7 The God of Common Grace Track7.wma Track7.mp3
8 The Ever Present Grace Greeting Track8.wma Track8.mp3
9 The Riches of God's Grace Track9.wma Track9.mp3
10 Grace is not Intellectualized Track10.wma Track10.mp3
11 A More than Adequate Grace Track11.wma Track11.mp3
12 Not Under Law, But Under Grace Track12.wma Track12.mp3
13 The Top Priority of the Gospel of Grace Track13.wma Track13.mp3
14 Justified by His Grace, Part 1 Track14.wma Track14.mp3
15 Justified by His Grace, Part 2 Track15.wma Track15.mp3
16 Saved by Grace Through Faith Track16.wma Track16.mp3
17 And That Not of Yourselves Track17.wma Track17.mp3
18 It is the Gift of God Track18.wma Track18.mp3
19 Not of Works Track19.wma Track19.mp3
20 Lest None Should Boast Track20.wma Track20.mp3
21 Preview of CD #15 Track21.wma Track21.mp3
  Disk Fifteen    
1 The Dispensation of Grace Track1.wma Track1.mp3
2 The Grace of God Brings Salvation Track2.wma Track2.mp3
3 The Grace of God Teaches Us Track3.wma Track3.mp3
4 Growing in Grace Track4.wma Track4.mp3
5 Hearts Established with Grace Track5.wma Track5.mp3
6 Stewards of the Manifold Grace of God Track6.wma Track6.mp3
7 Grace Sufficient in Trials Track7.wma Track7.mp3
8 Being Strong in God's Grace Track8.wma Track8.mp3
9 Good Hope Through Grace Track9.wma Track9.mp3
10 Speech Salted with Grace Track10.wma Track10.mp3
11 Grace is Given to the Humble Track11.wma Track11.mp3
12 Abusing the Grace of God Track12.wma Track12.mp3
13 Receiving the Grace of God in Vain Track13.wma Track13.mp3
14 Frustrating the Grace of God Track14.wma Track14.mp3
15 Insulting the Spirit of Grace Track15.wma Track15.mp3
16 Turning Grace into Immorality Track16.wma Track16.mp3
17 Falling from Grace Track17.wma Track17.mp3
18 Grace for the Dying Track18.wma Track18.mp3
19 The Apostle of Grace Track19.wma Track19.mp3
20 Two Trophies of the Grace of God Track20.wma Track20.mp3
21 Grace People are Gracious People Track21.wma Track21.mp3
22 Preview of CD #16 Track22.wma Track22.mp3
  Disk Sixteen    
1 Faith and Doubt, Part 1 Track1.wma Track1.mp3
2 Faith and Doubt, Part 2 Track2.wma Track2.mp3
3 Doubt Producing Circumstances, Part 1 Track3.wma Track3.mp3
4 Doubt Producing Circumstances, Part 2 Track4.wma Track4.mp3
5 Doubt Producing Circumstances, Part 3 Track5.wma Track5.mp3
6 Doubt Producing Circumstances, Part 4 Track6.wma Track6.mp3
7 Moving from Doubt to Faith, Part 1 Track7.wma Track7.mp3
8 Moving from Doubt to Faith, Part 2 Track8.wma Track8.mp3
9 Defining Faith, Part 1 Track9.wma Track9.mp3
10 Defining Faith, Part 2 Track10.wma Track10.mp3
11 Why Faith is so Critical, Part 1 Track11.wma Track11.mp3
12 Why Faith is so Critical, Part 2 Track12.wma Track12.mp3
13 Why Faith is so Critical, Part 3 Track13.wma Track13.mp3
14 Everyone has Faith, Part 1 Track14.wma Track14.mp3
15 Everyone has Faith, Part 2 Track15.wma Track15.mp3
16 Formulation Bad Faith Track16.wma Track16.mp3
17 What Faith Does Track17.wma Track17.mp3
18 Faith is Commanded by God Track18.wma Track18.mp3
19 Faith Replaces Disobedience, Part 1 Track19.wma Track19.mp3
20 Faith Replaces Disobedience, Part 2 Track20.wma Track20.mp3
21 Preview of CD #17 Track21.wma Track21.mp3
  Disk Seventeen    
1 Faith Requires and Produces Obedience Track1.wma Track1.mp3
2 Preaching is Designed to Produce Faith, Part 1 Track2.wma Track2.mp3
3 Preaching is Designed to Produce Faith, Part 2 Track3.wma Track3.mp3
4 The Scriptures Lead to Faith, Part 1 Track4.wma Track4.mp3
5 The Scriptures Lead to Faith, Part 2 Track5.wma Track5.mp3
6 Faith Provides the Way of Access Track6.wma Track6.mp3
7 Faith Results in Forgiveness Track7.wma Track7.mp3
8 Faith Results in Conversion Track8.wma Track8.mp3
9 Faith is Most Holy Track9.wma Track9.mp3
10 Faith is Exhibited by Works Track10.wma Track10.mp3
11 Faith is Productive Track11.wma Track11.mp3
12 Faith is Tried and Tested Track12.wma Track12.mp3
13 Faith Overcomes the World Track13.wma Track13.mp3
14 By Faith Christ Dwells Within Track14.wma Track14.mp3
15 Faith is Temporary Track15.wma Track15.mp3
16 Information is Appropriated By Faith Track16.wma Track16.mp3
17 Gaining a Grasp of Biblical Faith Track17.wma Track17.mp3
18 An Imperfect Faith is All We Have Track18.wma Track18.mp3
19 Faith Does Not Deny Facts Track19.wma Track19.mp3
20 Faith is Precious Track20.wma Track20.mp3
21 Preview of CD #18 Track21.wma Track21.mp3
  Disk Eighteen    
1 The Power of Repentance Track1.wma Track1.mp3
2 Repenting is Hard to Do Track2.wma Track2.mp3
3 The Simplicity and Difficulty of Repentance Track3.wma Track3.mp3
4 The Greatest Single Human Need, Part 1 Track4.wma Track4.mp3
5 The Greatest Single Human Need, Part 2 Track5.wma Track5.mp3
6 The Fullness of Forgiveness Track6.wma Track6.mp3
7 What God Has Done with Our Sin Track7.wma Track7.mp3
8 As Far as East is From the West Track8.wma Track8.mp3
9 God Reads the Human Heart Track9.wma Track9.mp3
10 The Internal Cleansing of Man Track10.wma Track10.mp3
11 The Ease and Difficulty of Connecting with God Track11.wma Track11.mp3
12 Man's Pervasive, Persistent Plague Track12.wma Track12.mp3
13 Revelation is For Responding and Rejoicing Track13.wma Track13.mp3
14 God Won't Mess Up Your Life Track14.wma Track14.mp3
15 The How and Why of Faith Track15.wma Track15.mp3
16 Connecting with God Through Christ Track16.wma Track16.mp3
17 The Bad and Good News of the Gospel Track17.wma Track17.mp3
18 A Crisis of Faith Track18.wma Track18.mp3
19 Feeling Forgiven, Part 1 Track19.wma Track19.mp3
20 Feeling Forgiven, Part 2 Track20.wma Track20.mp3
21 Preview of CD #19 Track21.wma Track21.mp3

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