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    On this page, we bring you audio messages which have been compiled from weekly services. The audio files are in both .wma and .mp3 file formats. By providing these formats, everyone should be able to listen to the inspirational messages. If, for some reason, you have a problem with any of the audio files, please contact the Webmaster.

Unless otherwise noted, Pastor Marv Wiseman is the presenter.
Christianity Clarified
    CHRISTIANITY CLARIFIED is critical, biblical theology communicated in painless three-minute snatches. Each compact disc contains twenty audio scripts previously delivered on radio by Pastor Marv Wiseman. They address the major doctrines of the Christian Faith in an understandable, easy to grasp manner. Although CHRISTIANITY CLARIFIED is copyrighted, the content may be downloaded and distributed at will without cost provided the material is not altered or sold commercially. Our objective is to get CHRISTIANITY CLARIFIED distributed to as many people as possible in the shortest time possible. Should you deem them helpful and wish to aid in distributing them, it would be greatly appreciated.
  Disk One    
1 Program Intro Music IntroMusic.wma IntroMusic.mp3
2 Introduction to Christianity Clarified Introduction.wma Introduction.mp3
3 When and How did Everything Begin WhenHow.wma WhenHow.mp3
4 Why People Are as they Are People.wma People.mp3
5 Reversing Death ReverseDeath.wma ReverseDeath.mp3
6 The Reality of Noah's Ark NoahArk.wma NoahArk.mp3
7 The Promised Redeemer Arrives Redeemer.wma Redeemer.mp3
8 Israel Rejected their Messiah RejectedMessiah.wma RejectedMessiah.mp3
9 The Times of the Gentiles Gentiles.wma Gentiles.mp3
10 The Rejected Redeemer Returns RedeemerReturns.wma RedeemerReturns.mp3
11 Explaining Christianity Clarified Explanation.wma Explanation.mp3
12 The Bible Our Only Source Book BibleSourceBook.wma BibleSourceBook.mp3
13 The Bible and Christianity Clarified BibleChristianityCla.wma BibleChristianityCla.mp3
14 The Bible Yes or No BibleYesNo.wma BibleYesNo.mp3
15 The Finality of the Scriptures FinalityScriptures.wma FinalityScriptures.mp3
16 The Bible and Modern Science BibleandScience.wma BibleScience.mp3
17 The Bible's Focus BibleFocus.wma BibleFolcus.mp3
18 The Authority of the Bible Pt. 1 BibleAuthority1.wma BibleAuthority1.mp3
19 The Authority of the Bible Pt. 2 BibleAuthority2.wma BibleAuthority2.mp3
20 Current Objections in Our Culture CurrentObjections.wma CurrentObjections.mp3
21 Honest Questions about Authority HonestQuestions.wma HonestQuestions.mp3
22 Program Close Music CloseMusic.wma CloseMusic.mp3
23 Future Programs of Christianity Clarified FuturePrograms.wma FuturePrograms.mp3
  Disk Two    
1 Program Intro Music IntroMusic.wma IntroMusic.mp3
2 Translations and languages of the Bible BibleTranslations.wma BibleTranslations.mp3
3 The Bibles Circulation and Distribution BibleCirculation.wma BibleCirculation.mp3
4 The Bible's Preservation and Indestructability BiblePreservation.wma BiblePreservation.mp3
5 The Bible's Preservation and IndestructabilityII BiblePreservation2.wma BiblePreservation2.mp3
6 The Accuracy of Biblical History BibleAccuracy.wma BibleAccuracy.mp3
7 The Purpose of the Bible BiblePurpose.wma BiblePurpose.mp3
8 The Bible Knows Us BibleKnowsUs.wma BibleKnowsUs.mp3
9 The Bible Knows Us - Pt. 2 BibleKnowsUs2.wma BibleKnowsUs2.mp3
10 The Progressive Revelation of the Bible ProgressiveRevelation.wma ProgressiveRevelation.mp3
11 The Bible Validates Itself BibleValidated.wma BibleValidated.mp3
12 The Bibles Inexhaustibility InexhaustibleBible.wma InexhaustibleBible.mp3
13 The Influence of the Bible BibleInfluence.wma BibleInfluence.mp3
14 Written by Man, Authored by God BibleAuthor.wma BibleAuthor.mp3
15 The Bible's Diversity and Continuity BibleDiversity.wma BibleDiversity.mp3
16 The Scope of Biblical Revelation BibleRevelation.wma BibleRevelation.mp3
17 The Necessity of Verbal Inspiration Pt. 1 VerbalInspiration1.wma VerbalInspiration1.mp3
18 We have an Inerrant Bible InerrantBible.wma InerrantBible.mp3
19 The Necessity of Verbal Inspiration Pt. 2 VerbalInspiration2.wma VerbalInspiration2.mp3
20 The Plenary Inspiration of the Bible PlenaryInspiration.wma PlenaryInspiration.mp3
21 The Main Divisions of the Bible MainDivisionsofBible.wma MainDivisionsofBible.mp3
22 Program Close Music CloseMusic.wma CloseMusic.mp3
23 Future Programs of Christianity Clarified FuturePrograms.wma FuturePrograms.mp3
  Disk Three    
1 Program Intro Track1.wma Track1.mp3
2 The Structure of the Old Testament I Track2.wma Track2.mp3
3 The Structure of the Old Testament II Track3.wma Track3.mp3
4 Biblical Illumination Track4.wma Track4.mp3
5 The Interpretation of the Bible I Track5.wma Track5.mp3
6 The Interpretation of the Bible II Track6.wma Track6.mp3
7 Introduction to Fulfilled Prophecy I Track7.wma Track7.mp3
8 Introduction to Fulfilled Prophecy II Track8.wma Track8.mp3
9 Introduction to Fulfilled Prophecy III Track9.wma Track9.mp3
10 The Fulfilled Prophecy of Tyre Track10.wma Track10.mp3
11 The Fulfilled Prophecy of Sidon Track11.wma Track11.mp3
12 The First Promise of a Redeemer Track12.wma Track12.mp3
13 The Prophecy of a Virgin Birth Track13.wma Track13.mp3
14 Prophecy Referring to the Son of God Track14.wma Track14.mp3
15 Geneology and Fulfilled Prophecy Track15.wma Track15.mp3
16 David's Son is David's Lord Track16.wma Track16.mp3
17 Heaven Comes to Bethlehem Track17.wma Track17.mp3
18 Christ the Cornerstone Track18.wma Track18.mp3
19 The Messiah's Tearful Entry Track19.wma Track19.mp3
20 The Messiah Came to Die Track20.wma Track20.mp3
21 David's Greater Son, The Messiah Track21.wma Track21.mp3
22 Program Close Track22.wma Track22.mp3
23 Future Programs of Christianity Clarified Track23.wma Track23.mp3
  Disk Four    
1 Introduction to Theology Track1.wma Track1.mp3
2 The Trinity: Man's Logic vs. God's Track2.wma Track2.mp3
3 The Trinity and It's Meaning Track3.wma Track3.mp3
4 The Trinity: A Matter of Revelation Track4.wma Track4.mp3
5 The Trinity in Genesis One, Part 1 Track5.wma Track5.mp3
6 The Trinity in Genesis One, Part 2 Track6.wma Track6.mp3
7 The Trinity and the Nicene Creed Track7.wma Track7.mp3
8 Misconceptions about the Trinity, Part 1 Track8.wma Track8.mp3
9 Misconceptions about the Trinity, Part 2 Track9.wma Track9.mp3
10 Equality inthe Trinity Track10.wma Track10.mp3
11 The Different Names for Deity Track11.wma Track11.mp3
12 The Meaning of "God" - Elohim Track12.wma Track12.mp3
13 Usage of Elohim in Human Names Track13.wma Track13.mp3
14 LORD: Deity's Most Used Name (Jehovah) Part 1 Track14.wma Track14.mp3
15 LORD: Deity;s Most Used Name (Jehovah) Part 2 Track15.wma Track15.mp3
16 LORD: Deity;s Most Used Name (Jehovah) Part 3 Track16.wma Track16.mp3
17 Usage of Jehovah in Human Names Track17.wma Track17.mp3
18 CHRISTIANITY CLARIFIED Origin and Goal Track18.wma Track18.mp3
19 El-Elyon and El-Shaddai Track19.wma Track19.mp3
20 Lord: Adonai Track20.wma Track20.mp3
21 Future CD releases of CHRISTIANITY CLARIFIED Track21.wma Track21.mp3
  Disk Five    
1 Further Engaging the Deity Track1.wma Track1.mp3
2 God is Spirit I Track2.wma Track2.mp3
3 God is Spirit II Track3.wma Track3.mp3
4 The Spirit of God is Omnipotent Track4.wma Track4.mp3
5 All Power Resides in God Track5.wma Track5.mp3
6 God's Omnipotence is Constant Track6.wma Track6.mp3
7 Omnipotence Clarified Track7.wma Track7.mp3
8 The Spirit of God is Omniscient I Track8.wma Track8.mp3
9 The Spirit of God is Omniscient II Track9.wma Track9.mp3
10 The Spirit of God is Omnipresnet Track10.wma Track10.mp3
11 God: The Uncaused First Cause Track11.wma Track11.mp3
12 God: Self-existent, Self-sufficient Track12.wma Track12.mp3
13 God: His Sovereignty I Track13.wma Track13.mp3
14 God: His Sovereignty II Track14.wma Track14.mp3
15 God: His Eternity Track15.wma Track15.mp3
16 God: His Immutability Track16.wma Track16.mp3
17 God: His Faithfulness Track17.wma Track17.mp3
18 God: His Mercy Track18.wma Track18.mp3
19 God: His Holiness Track19.wma Track19.mp3
20 God: His Love Track20.wma Track20.mp3
21 Future CD releases of CHRISTIANITY CLARIFIED Track21.wma Track21.mp3
  Disk Six    
1 Christ's Utter Uniqueness Track1.wma Track1.mp3
2 Christ in the Trinity Track2.wma Track2.mp3
3 Christ in His Pre-existence Track3.wma Track3.mp3
4 Christ: His Commission from His Father Track4.wma Track4.mp3
5 Christ: His Incarnation Track5.wma Track5.mp3
6 Christ: To Israel for the World Track6.wma Track6.mp3
7 Christ: His Baptism and Temptation Track7.wma Track7.mp3
8 Christ: The Necessity of His Death Track8.wma Track8.mp3
9 Christ: The Exclusivity of His Salvation Track9.wma Track9.mp3
10 Christ: The Efficacy of His Death Track10.wma Track10.mp3
11 Christ: The Necessity of His Resurrection Track11.wma Track11.mp3
12 Christ: His Post-Resurrection Appearances Track12.wma Track12.mp3
13 Christ: His Bodily Ascension to Heaven Track13.wma Track13.mp3
14 Christ: His Post-Ascension Ministry Track14.wma Track14.mp3
15 Christ: His Church is His Spiritual Body Track15.wma Track15.mp3
16 Christ: His Coming for His Church Track16.wma Track16.mp3
17 Christ: His Second Coming I Track17.wma Track17.mp3
18 Christ: His Second Coming II Track18.wma Track18.mp3
19 Christ: His Ultimate Judgment Track19.wma Track19.mp3
20 Christ: His Ultimate Reign Track20.wma Track20.mp3
21 Christ in the Eternal State Track21.wma Track21.mp3
22 Future CD releases of CHRISTIANITY CLARIFIED Track22.wma Track22.mp3

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