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    On this page, we bring you audio messages which have been compiled from weekly services. The audio files are in both .wma and .mp3 file formats. By providing these formats, everyone should be able to listen to the inspirational messages. If, for some reason, you have a problem with any of the audio files, please contact the Webmaster.

Unless otherwise noted, Pastor Marv Wiseman is the presenter.

    Excerpt from the September 23, 2012 Message by Pastor Marv Wiseman - Acts 17:26-31.

 10:46 Minutes in length
    This is the Most Important Question You will ever answer.  Please listen to this Question and Answer.  To hear the entire Sermon, please listen to the 2012_Sept_23 Message.
Message.wma or Message.mp3
TheQuestion.wma TheQuestion.mp3

Weekly Messages:

Sunday's Message
2017_Nov_12 The Reformation Needs Reforming ReformationReform.wma ReformationReform.mp3
Last Week's Message
2017_Oct_29 The Reformation of 1517 1517Reformation.wma 1517Reformation.mp3
2017_Oct_15 Pre-Reformation Realities PreReformationReality.wma PreReformationReality.mp3
2017_Oct_08 Craig Family Ministry CraigFamily.wma CraigFamily.mp3
2017_Oct_01 Visiting Pastor Eli Williams 2017_10_01_EliWilliams.wma 2017_10_01_EliWilliams.mp3
2017_Sep_23 The Jewish Final Solution to the World's Problem - Revelation - The Eternal State - End of the Series Revelation42.wma Revelation42.mp3
2017_Sep_17 The Jewish Final Solution to the World's Problem - Revelation - The Kingdom of God Arrives Revelation41.wma Revelation41.mp3
2017_Sep_10 The Jewish Final Solution to the World's Problem - Revelation - The Second Coming of Christ Revelation40.wma Revelation40.mp3
2017_Sep_03 The Jewish Final Solution to the World's Problem - Revelation - The Destruction of Religious Babylon, Part 3 Revelation39.wma Revelation39.mp3
Christ Resurrected!
    Christ Resurrected!  The bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is one of the most solidly established facts in all of human history.  There are many convincing proofs of Christ's Resurrection.  This series, which began on Easter Sunday, presents many of the proofs, which can not be denied. 
2009_April_12    Easter Sunday.  The bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is one of the most solidly established facts in all of human history. ChristResurrected.wma ChristResurrected.mp3
2009_April_19   Many Convincing Proofs of Christ's Resurrection! ChristResurrected_2.wma ChristResurrected_2.mp3
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2009_July_12     God's Logic vs. Man's Logic.  There is confusion surrounding Christianity and connecting with God. GodvManLogic.wma GodvManLogic.mp3
2009_July_19     Biblical Christianity vs. Churchianity. Churchianity.wma Churchianity.mp3
2009_July_26     Christians who contribute to misunderstanding by an inconsis-tent and often contradictory life-style in attitude and action. Churchianity2.wma Churchianity2.mp3
2009_Aug_2     Biblical Christianity vs. Churchianity summary. Churchianity3.wma Churchianity3.mp3
Communion Message
2017_Apr_09 Communion 20170409_Communion.wma 20170409_Communion.mp3
2016_Nov_20 Communion Communion.wma Communion.mp3
2015_Nov_29 Communion 2015_Nov_Communion.wma 2015_Nov_Communion.mp3
2015_Apr_05 Resurrection Sunday - Personally Applying the Resurrecton - Communion 2015_04_05_Communion.wma 2015_04_05_Communion.mp3
2014_Aug_17 Communion - The Results of Revival Communion.wma Communion.mp3
2014_Apr_13 Communion Communion.wma Communion.mp3
2013_Nov_24 Communion Communion.wma Communion.mp3
2013_Mar_24 Communion Communion.wma Communion.mp3
2012_Nov_18 Communion and Thanksgiving CommunionThanksgiving.wma CommunionThanksGiving.mp3
2012_Apr_1 Who is This? - Communion. WhoIsThis_Communion.wma WhoIsThis_Communion.mp3
2011_Nov_27 Communion Communion.wma Communion.mp3
2011_Apr_17 Communion Communion.wma Communion.mp3
2010_Aug_22 Communion Communion.wma Communion.mp3
2009_Nov_22     Celebrating The Lord's Supper Communion.wma Communion.mp3
2009_April_5     Celebrating The Lord's Supper Communion.wma Communion.mp3
2008_Jun_29     Celebrating The Lord's Supper Communion.wma Communion.mp3
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2009_May_31     God, Christians and Politics.  In this series we examine what the Bible sets forth and how we are to respond. GodChristianPolitics.wma GodChristianPolitics.mp3
2009_June_7     God, Christians and Politics II.  There may be disagreement among believers as to whether our nation is going in the right direction under a new administration, but there is no disagreement about its being really different than anything before. What has brought our nation to these troublous times. We hear very complex answers being offered by leading economists, but the best and most coherent answers are not complicated at all. GodChristianPoliticsII.wma GodChristianPoliticsII.mp3
2009_June_21     Fathers Day.  Positions of leadership, whether in a political office or in the role of fatherhood, often call for making difficult decisions. Failure to take responsibility in making the hard calls will surely be regretted later.  This applies across the board, whether it involves an individual family or an entire nation. And the blessing from making the right calls is as beneficial as is the bane from making the wrong calls.  GodChristianPoliticsIII.wma GodChristianPoliticsIII.mp3
2009_June_28     The Fourth in our series on God, Christians and Politics.  We look at  Romans 13. GodChristianPoliticsIV.wma GodChristianPoliticsIV.mp3
2009_July_5     The cost of freedom is eternal vigilance.  This is the fifth and final message in this series. GodChristianPoliticsV.wma GodChristianPoliticsV.mp3
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2017_Nov_12 The Reformation Needs Reforming ReformationReform.wma ReformationReform.mp3
2017_Oct_29 The Reformation of 1517 1517Reformation.wma 1517Reformation.mp3
2017_Oct_15 Pre-Reformation Realities PreReformationReality.wma PreReformationReality.mp3
2017_Oct_08 Craig Family Ministry CraigFamily.wma CraigFamily.mp3
2017_Oct_01 Visiting Pastor Eli Williams 2017_10_01_EliWilliams.wma 2017_10_01_EliWilliams.mp3
2017_Aug_27 Congressman Jim Jordan CongressmanJimJordan.wma CongressmanJimJordan.mp3
2017_Jun_18 Father's Day 2017_FathersDay.wma 2017_FathersDay.mp3
2017_Apr_16 Easter - He is Risen!  He is Risen Indeed! 2017_Easter.wma 2017_Easter.mp3
2017_Mar_26 Grace Membership and Relationships MembershipandRelationships.wma MembershipandRelationships.mp3
2017_Jan_22 Abortion Abortion.wma Abortion.mp3
2016_Sep_11 America the What? AmericaTheWhat.wma AmericaTheWhat.mp3
2016_Jul_31 Chuck McConkey - Missions 2016ChuckMcConkey.wma 2016ChuckMcConkey.mp3
2016_Jul_03 Congressman Jim Jordan 2016_07_03_JimJordan.wma 2016_07_03_JimJordan
2016_Feb_14 Valentine's Day, 2016 2016_Valentine.wma 2016_Valentine.mp3
2015_Nov_08 Roger Phipps RogerPhipps.wma RogerPhipps.mp3
2015_July_19 A Special Message For America, Part 4 MessageForAmerica4.wma MessageForAmerica4.mp3
2015_July_12 A Special Message For America, Part 3 MessageForAmerica3.wma MessageForAmerica3.mp3
2015_July_05 A Special Message For America, Part 2 MessageForAmerica2.wma MessageForAmerica2.mp3
2015_July_05 A Special Message For America, Part 1 MessageForAmerica.wma MessageForAmerica.mp3
2015_Apr_26 Tony Bailey - Clark County Jail Chaplain TonyBailey.wma TonyBailey.mp3
2015_Mar_29 Church Member Roger Phipps presents Chapters 1-4 of I Corinthians RogerPhipps.wma RogerPhipps.mp3
2015_Jan_25 Timothy I and II Presented by Elder Ron Gannon Timothy_I_II.wma Timothy_I_II.mp3
2014_Jun_29 Honorable Jim Jordan JimJordan.wma JimJordan.mp3
2014_May_11 Mother's Day 2014_MothersDay.wma 2014_MothersDay.mp3
2014_Apr_20 Easter Sunday - They Remembered His Words Easter.wma Easter.mp3
2013_Oct_06 Elder Ron Gannon - New Testament Passages on Evangelism Evangelism.wma Evangelism.mp3
2013_Aug_04 Ron Ziltz Testimony RonZiltz.wma RonZiltz.mp3
2013_Jul_28 Kerry Anderson Family KerryAnderson.wma KerryAnderson.mp3
2013_Jul_21 What Is Marriage, Anyway? WhatIsMarriage.wma WhatIsMarriage.mp3
2013_Jul_14 Current Events - We should not be surprised - Part 2 NotSurprisedII.wma NotSurprisedII.mp3
2013_Jul_07 Current Events - We should not be surprised NotSurprised.wma NotSurprised.mp3
2013_Jun_30 U.S. Congressman Jim Jordan JimJordan.wma JimJordan.mp3
2013_Jun_16 Father's Day 2013_FathersDay.wma 2013_FathersDay.mp3
2013_May_26 Memorial Day - Our Faith, Our Freedom, Our Future MemorialDay.wma MemorialDay.mp3
2013_Mar_31 Easter Sunday - The Divine Rationale for Faith Easter.wma Easter.mp3
2013_Jan_20 Christ Before and After Creation IV ChristBeforeAfterIV.wma ChristBeforeAfterIV.mp3
2013_Jan_13 Christ Before and After Creation III ChristBeforeAfterIII.wma ChristBeforeAfterIII.mp3
2013_Jan_06 Christ Before and After Creation II ChristBeforeAfterII.wma ChristBeforeAfterII.mp3
2012_Dec_30 Christ Before and After Creation ChristBeforeAfter.wma ChristBeforeAfter.mp3
2012_Dec_23 Christmas Message - The Babe of Bethlehem BabeOfBethlehem.wma BabeOfBethlehem.mp3
2012_Dec_16 The Anatomy of Faith II AnatomyOfFaithII.wma AnatomyOfFaithII.mp3
2012_Dec_09 The Anatomy of Faith AnatomyOfFaith.wma AnatomyOfFaith.mp3
2012_Dec_02 Brook Seekins - Missionary to Tanzania BrookSeekins.wma BrookSeekins.mp3
2012_Sept_15 The Two Natures of the Christian - Elder Ron Gannon brings this very important message. TwoNatures.wma TwoNatures.mp3
2012_Aug_19 The George Craig Family Singers and Divine Sovereignty - The "L" in TULIP DivineSovereigntyL.wma DivineSovereigntyL.mp3
2012_July_22 Cowboy Lee Homoki CowboyLee.wma CowboyLee.mp3
2012_July_15 Brazilian Missionary Bernardo Craesmeyer BernardoCraesmeyer.wma BernardoCraesmeyer.mp3
2012_July_1 Congressman Jim Jordan - July 4 Celebration July4Celebration.wma July4Celebration.mp3
2012_June_24 Poverty and Prosperity III PovertyProsperityIII.wma PovertyProsperityIII.mp3
2012_June_17 Father's Impact on Poverty and Prosperity FathersImpact.wma FathersImpact.mp3
2012_June_10 Poverty and Prosperity II PovertyProsperityII.wma PovertyProsperityII.mp3
2012_June_3 Poverty and Prosperity PovertyProsperity.wma PovertyProsperity.mp3
2012_May_27 Dispensational Odds and Ends Part II DispensationalOddsEnds2.wma DispensationalOddsEnds2.mp3
2012_May_20 Pastor Don Long - Shepherds Ministries ShepherdsMinistries.wma ShepherdsMinistries.mp3
2012_May_13 Mother's Day 2012MothersDay.wma 2012MothersDay.mp3
2012_May_06 Dispensational Odds and Ends DispensationalOddsEnds.wma DispensationalOddsEnds.mp3
2012_Apr_8 Easter Sunday Easter.wma Easter2012.mp3
2011_Dec_25 The Trinity and the Incarnation TheTrinityIII.wma TheTrinityIII.mp3
2011_Dec_18 The Trinity and the Incarnation TheTrinityII.wma TheTrinityII.mp3
2011_Dec_11 The Trinity and the Incarnation TheTrinity.wma TheTrinity.mp3
2011_Sept_25 Life's Most Important Question Part II MostImportantQuestionII.wma MostImportantQuestionII.mp3
2011_Sept_18 Life's Most Important Question MostImportantQuestion.wma MostImportantQuestion.mp3
2011_Sept_11 September 11, 2001 Plus Ten 9_11Plus10.wma 9_11Plus10.mp3
2011_Sept_4 Elder Ron Gannon - The Twelve Apostles II TheTwelveApostlesII.wma TheTwelveApostlesII.mp3
2011_Aug_28 Elder Ron Gannon - The Twelve Apostles TheTwelveApostles.wma TheTwelveApostles.mp3
2011_July_17 Pastor Cliff Davis PastorCliffDavis.wma PastorCliffDavis.mp3
2011_July_10 Elder Ron Gannon
Proverbs On Money
ProverbsOnMoney.wma ProverbsOnMoney.mp3
2011_July_03 U.S. Representative Jim Jordan Honorable Jim Jordan.wma Honorable Jim Jordan.mp3
2011_Jun_19 Father's Day FathersDay.wma FathersDay.mp3
2011_May_29 U.S. Representative Jim Jordan Honorable Jim Jordan.wma Honorable Jim Jordan
2011_May_08 Motherhood and Anxiety Go Together 2011_MothersDay.wma 2011_MothersDay.mp3
2011_Apr_24 Easter Easter.wma Easter.mp3
2011_Apr_10 Hell Yes or Hell No #2 HellYesHellNo_2.wma HellYesHellNo_2.mp3
2011_Apr_3 Hell Yes or Hell No #1 HellYesHellNo_1.wma HellYesHellNo_1.mp3
2011_Mar_27 Heaven and Hell 3 Heaven.wma Heaven.mp3
2011_Mar_20 Heaven and Hell 2 HeavenHell2.wma HeavenHell2.mp3
2011_Mar_13 Heaven and Hell 1 HeavenHell1.wma HeavenHell1.mp3
2010_Dec_26 The Throne of David ThroneOfDavid.wma ThroneOfDavid.mp3
2010_Dec_19 Communion Communion.wma Communion.mp3
2010_Nov_28 Eric Anderson EricAnderson.wma EricAnderson.mp3
2010_Oct_3 Joel Fink JoelFink.wma JoelFink.mp3
2010_July_4     Elder Ron Gannon our Freedoms. SpeakingOfFreedom.wma SpeakingOfFreedom.mp3
2010_June_27     Elder Ron Gannon talks about the sluggard, the fool and about picking friends. SluggardFoolFriends.wma SluggardFoolFriends.mp3
2010_June_20     Elder Ron Gannon reminds us to be careful what we say! WhatWeSay.wma WhatWeSay.mp3
2010_June_13     A study into the proper way to address our Lord and Master.  Darren Smith presents the message. HonorHisName.wma HonorHisName.mp3
2010_June_06 Wisdom & Life OR Folly & Death???
Elder Ron Gannon brings this timely message.
WisdomOrFolly.wma WisdomOrFolly.mp3
2010_May_30 Testimonials.  Eric Anderson brings the message. EricAnderson.wma EricAnderson.mp3
2010_May_09 Brooke Seekins - Missionary to Tanzania, Africa. BrookeSeekins.wma BrookeSeekins.mp3
2010_Apr_12 God is calling.  Is anyone listening?  Elder Ron Gannon presents. AnyoneListening.wma AnyoneListening.mp3
2009_Dec_27     Christmas, 2009 Message2 2009Christmas2.wma 2009Christmas2.mp3
2009_Dec_20     Christmas, 2009 Message 2009Christmas.wma 2009Christmas.mp3
2009_June_14     Brother Dennis Kiszonas, from Grace Bible Church in New York, is known by many through his teaching ministry in audio and print.  He brings an inspirational message today. DennisKiszonas.wma DennisKiszonas.mp3
2009_May_24     Memorial Day Service.  What impact does God and the Bible have on the United States of America?  Grace attendee and Member of Congress Jim Jordan provides the answer! TheChristianUSA.wma TheChristianUSA.mp3
2009_Mar_01     Seven Sayings By the Well - A look into the power and effectiveness of God’s Word, exemplified in the brief conversation between our Lord and a woman of Samaria.  Presented by Grace Attendee, Darren Smith. SevenSayingsByWell.wma SevenSayingsByWell.mp3
2009_Feb_29     Love One Another - Presented by long-time Grace Member, Ron Gannon. LoveOneAnother.wma LoveOneAnother.mp3
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2009_Jan_4     Grace attendee and Member of Congress Jim Jordan speaks with us concerning current events in our Country and our dire financial situation. HonJimJordan.wma HonJimJordan.mp3
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2010_Oct_17 The Big Picture  - Q & A Q_A.wma Q_A.mp3
2010_Oct_10 The Big Picture 6 - The Final Chapter TheBigPicture6.wma TheBigPicture6.mp3
2010_Sept_25 The Big Picture 5 - The Culmination of All Things TheBigPicture5.wma TheBigPicture5.mp3
2010_Sept_19 The Big Picture 4 - Jesus, the Messiah TheBigPicture4.wma TheBigPicture4.mp3
2010_Sept_12 The Big Picture 3 - Our Father Abraham TheBigPicture3.wma TheBigPicture3.mp3
2010_Sept_5 The Big Picture 2 - The Flood TheBigPicture2.wma TheBigPicture2.mp3
2010_Aug_29 The Big Picture - Scene One TheBigPicture.wma TheBigPicture.mp3
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2009_April_26   The Faith Principle Pursued! TheFaithPrinciple.wma TheFaithPrinciple.mp3
2009_May_3   The operation of the Faith Principle must of necessity leave room for doubt.  Is doubt something evil and unworthy of a true Christian?  Doubt is simply part of our flawed humanity and God is very patient and understanding of it. Marv answers a question about Judgment and offers a Prayer of Salvation. TheFaithPrinciple2.wma TheFaithPrinciple2.mp3
2009_May_10     Mother's Day!  Mothers who pursued the Faith Principle. TheFaithPrinciple3.wma TheFaithPrinciple3.mp3
2009_May_17     "Approval Gained By Faith"  This is the conclusion of this brief series on "Pursuing the Faith Principle." TheFaithPrinciple4.wma TheFaithPrinciple4.mp3
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2011_04_06 MidEast Conflict #1 MidEast Conflict 1.wma MidEast Conflict 1.mp3
2011_04_13 MidEast Conflict #2 MidEast Conflict 2.wma MidEast Conflict 2.mp3
2011_04_20 MidEast Conflict #3 MidEast Conflict 3.wma MidEast Conflict 3.mp3
2011_04_27 MidEast Conflict #4 MidEast Conflict 4.wma MidEast Conflict 4.mp3
2011_05_04 MidEast Conflict #5 MidEast Conflict 5.wma MidEast Conflict 5.mp3
2011_05_11 MidEast Conflict #6 MidEast Conflict 6.wma MidEast Conflict 6.mp3
2011_05_18 MidEast Conflict #7 MidEast Conflict 7.wma MidEast Conflict 7.mp3
2011_05_29 MidEast Conflict #Final MidEast Conflict_Final.wma MidEast Conflict Final.mp3

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